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The heavy-duty Plantex Organic All in One Cleaning Solution covers all you waste treatment
and cleaning needs! 

About Plantex

We are an all-Filipino company producing and providing unique and cost-effective environmental products and complete line of organic cleaning agents using our indigenous plants and materials. Our company have been very persistent in our campaign towards “Green Purchasing and Green Consumerism” which is in accordance with the strategies, guidelines and specifications of our environmental legislations (RA 9003, RA 9275, RA 8749 and RA 6969) and Executive Order 301- Establishing a Green Procurement and Green Consumerism Program. 


It is our belief that the business sector should be able to provide inexpensive and sustainable solutions for the benefit of the end-consumer.

Benefits of Plantex All in One Solution 

Multi-Purpose Cleaner

Powerful cleaner that removes hard dirt,stains, molds, mildew and grime. Use on floor, wall glass tiles,etc.

Plantex Industrial Products

Plantex Organic Biozyme

Plantex Organic Clean and Soft Liquid Laundry Detergent

Plantex Organic Ultimate Cleaning Solution

Plantex Organic All in One Cleaning Solution - Liter

Plantex Organic Liquid Hand Soap Solution

Plantex Organic All in One Cleaning Solution - 1 Gallon

Plantex Organic Fabric Conditioner

Plantex Organic Grease Away

Plantex Household Products

Plantex Organic Probiotic Bath Soap

Plantex Organic Grease Away - 250ml

Plantex Organic Ultimate Cleaning Solution - 380ml

Plantex Green Organic Bath Soap

Plantex Organic Fabric Conditioner - 500ml

Plantex Organic All in One Cleaning Solution - 125ml

Plantex Organic Probiotic Toothpaste

Plantex Organic Powder Laundry Detergent - 1kg

Clients we have worked with
Plantex Awards and Recognition

Plantex Products gained many awards and recognition, and received the Seal of Approval of Green Choice of Philippines.  This ensures Plantex products meet the international environmental standards, and has proven its excellence and product superiority

Plantex Bundle Packages

Our mission is to help care for the environment by continuously creating and producing products that are organic and nature-based to effectively minimize pollution. We are actively promoting Green Consumerism Green Living and Green Purchasing. 

Avail Plantex Bundles and save more while helping save the environment.

Home Care Products

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2 pcs    Green Bath Soap
3 pcs    Probiotic Bath Soap
3 pcs    Probiotic Toothpaste
2 pcs    Fabric Conditioner 500mL
2 pcs    Ultimate Solution 380mL
2 pcs    Laundry Powder 1kg


Package A

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3 pcs    Ultimate Solution 380mL
3 pcs    Laundry Powder 1kg
3 pcs    Fabric Conditioner 500mL
3 pcs    Toothpaste
3 pcs    Probiotic Bath Soap


Package B

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4 pcs    Probiotic Bath Soap
4 pcs    Green Bath Soap
1 pc    Laundry Powder 1kg
1 pc    Fabric Conditioner 500mL
1 pc    Ultimate Solution 380mL


Package C

Home Care & Industrial Products

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1 Box    Ultimate Solution Gallon
1 Box    Fabric Conditioner Gallon
1 Sack    Laundry Powder 25kg
2 pcs    Probiotic Bath Soap
2 pcs    Toothpaste


Package A

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1 Box    Clean & Soft Gallon
1 Box    Grease Away Gallon
2 Gals.    Fabric Conditioner Gallon
2 Gals.    Ultimate Solution Gallon
4 pcs.    Toothpaste
4 pcs.    Green Bath Soap


Package B

Call to Order

2 Gals.    Clean & Soft Gallon
2 Gals.    Fabric Conditioner Gallon
2 Gals.    Ultimate Solution Gallon
2 Gals.    Grease Away Gallon
6 pcs.    Green Bath Soap
6 pcs.    Probiotic Bath Soap
6 pcs.     Toothpaste
6pcs.    Laundry Powder 1Kl


Package C


  1. All bundle products shall be delivered free of charge within Metro Manila. Orders outside the covered area shall be charged with an applicable delivery fee.

  2. To order, please call PSIC office directly at #632-7076.

  3. To avail of the 2,500 bundle promo, order should be paid first before we book your order for delivery. Payment must be deposited to PSIC's BDO account. After depositing, a copy of the deposit slip should be emailed to To avail of the P10K Bundle, order can be paid either by depositing to the BDO account of PSIC or avail of the Cash on Delivery (COD). If availing of COD, make sure that payment is ready upon delivery as products will not be released without payment. 

  4. Inform PSIC of the contact number and name of person who will receive the products. PSIC staff shall inform the client when is the expected delivery. Make sure that contact person is there to receive the products to avoid being charged for extra delivery fee. (FREE DELIVERY SHALL ONLY BE DONE ONCE)

  5. Upon receipt of products, kindly check for any damages as return & exchange of products shall only be allowed within 7 days. PSIC will not refund the price of the promo once it has been paid.

  6. Offer valid until supplies last

  7. PSIC reserves the right to cancel any promotion at anytime.


Office Hours:  9am to 6pm

Tel. (02) 6327076

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