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Plantex Advocacy

Pineda Creek

Plantex Solution Int’l. Corp. has been partners with the Department of Environment and
Natural Resources NCR in adopting Pineda Creek since 2014. PSIC recognizes that Pineda Creek
requires attention so that its condition can be revived. Cleanup drives are done regularly so that
the volume of solid waste, debris and silt which have become a continuing threat to the health
and safety of the riverside community will be lessen.

PSIC is working with DENR to restore, protect and enhance environmental quality towards good
public health, environmental integrity and economic viability and to implement several
environment-related laws.

As part of PSIC’s Corporate Social Responsibility, we have developed a comprehensive program
intended to reduce possible degradation of Pineda Creek. We have formulated a plan to
improve water quality involving several activities such as clean-up drives; solid and liquid waste
management and rehabilitation of waterways. We assist in the information and education
campaigns and community mobilization activities of DENR and EMB and the Local Government
Unit of Pasig City to foster harmonious relations with and solicit the community participation,
cooperation and support for this endeavor.

This advocacy program is a continuing journey towards greener safer and sustainable Pineda
Creek in the future years.

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