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Plantex Household Products

Plantex® Household Products offers home care and personal care products that promotes the practice of green consumerism by simply switching from your usual daily use of home and personal care products that are made of toxic and harmful synthetic chemicals. 


About 80% of water provided to households becomes wastewater. Only 5% of the total population is connected to a sewer network. Since sludge treatment and disposal facilities are rare, domestic wastewater is discharged to the environment without treatment. 


By using Plantex® Household Products in our everyday activity, we are now treating the wastewater that we are producing at source.

Plantex Organic Probiotic Bath Soap

Plantex Organic Grease Away - 250ml

Plantex Organic Ultimate Cleaning Solution - 380ml

Plantex Green Organic Bath Soap

Plantex Organic Fabric Conditioner - 500ml

Plantex Organic All in One Cleaning Solution - 125ml

Plantex Organic Probiotic Toothpaste

Plantex Organic Powder Laundry Detergent - 1kg

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