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Be A Plantex Dealer

Plantex Industrial Products 

Primary target market would be Hotels, Resorts and Restaurants, Buildings and Offices, Bakeries and Coffee Shops, Laundry Shops and Pet Shops within its authorized territory.                                  

The Plantex® DEALER purchases its inventory from PLANTEX® SOLUTION INTL. CORP.                                                                                                      

The Plantex® DEALER shall have an initial inventory of Plantex® Industrial Products.

PSIC will grant territorial exclusivity to market and sell the Plantex® Industrial Products for the market stated above.

PSIC will extends sales and marketing support to assist the DEALER in effectively expanding sales and clienteles.

The DEALER of Plantex® Industrial Products is an entity, which acts as a principal and stands ready to buy and sell Plantex Industrial Products for its own account.

The DEALER of Plantex® Industrial Products also acts as the center of activities for the PSIC advocacy and business expansion in the designated area.  

​The DEALER of Plantex® Industrial Products holder therefore gets the opportunity to have a strong foothold in

areas of both sales and technical which are the primary importance & source of earnings for the holder. 

​The DEALER of Plantex® Industrial Products holds an inventory, sells the products within the marketing plan and​

operating guidelines, operates under area exclusivity authorized by PLANTEX® SOLUTION INTL. CORP., and can avail DEALERS discount on Plantex® Industrial Products.

  • A person or entity of good standing.

  • Has the capability to manage a medium-scale business.

  • Has the financial and logistical capacity to run the sales and marketing system as required by PSIC.

  • Credit-worthy. 

  • And an individual or group registered by government regulating agencies to run a business (single proprietorship, partnership or corporation or similar entities) in the area.

How to Be a Plantex Dealer

Be a Dealer Steps

Step 1


•  Fill out our Contact form.

•  Select "Be a Dealer" from the subject field.

•  In the message box, please indicate your personal or company details such as address, nature of business and number of years in the business.

•  You will receive a message from PSIC after one (1) working day and receive an emailed application form to be filled up.

Step 2

Submit Requirements

•  Upon receipt of message from PSIC, fill up application form and submit together with other requirements such as Letter of Intent, Business Permit, DTI or SEC and a picture of owner and office.

•  Send requirements in a sealed brown envelope addressed as:

Plantex Solution Int’l Corp.

# 7 St Martin St., Citylane Townhouse, Oranbo, Pasig City Philippines 1600

Step 3

Set an Appointment

•  Upon receipt of requirements, it will be evaluated by PSIC.

•  You will receive an emailed message of approval indicating date of appointment and other details regarding distributorship or dealership

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