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About Us

We, Plantex® Solution Int'l Corp. (PSIC), have been actively involved in various segments solving challenges in the areas of solid waste management, health and sanitation, organic agriculture and waste water treatment. We have been working closely with various environmental programs of different Government and Non-Government Environmental agencies and organizations (DENR, National Solid Waste Commission, SWAPP, DAP, PCAPI, Zero-Waste Movement).

Plantex® Products can be diluted according to its application that will result into a reasonable price compared to other chemical cleaning solutions in the market today.

Our Vision

We aim to become a major player in developing, manufacturing and distributing organic based and cost effective products by using indigenous plants and materials utilizing ecologically friend systems.


Our mission is to help care for the environment by continuously creating and producing products that are organic and nature-based to effectively minimize pollution. We are actively promoting Green Consumerism Green Living and Green Purchasing. 


PSIC Distribution program focus towards the adoption of organic products that gained momentum, not only because of the menace to our environment but also because of the health risks to humans, animals, plant life, marine/aquatic life and soil. The by-products of modern industry have had a profound impact on the ecological life of our planet. Whatever rich biodiversity we have left is threatened by the proliferation of chemicals and preservatives.


To inspire people to make green consumerism a life style. 

That we are the pioneer in creating an organic product that is with locally produced raw materials.  


Distributing quality green products to consumers.


To influence good values to employees.


Improve the quality of life.


A much safer environment in which people are happy to use green organic products that advocates and promote sustainability.

Advocating for the protection of our environment.

Company Profile

Established on 2003, the company’s commitment to protect the environment through the strength of our products, made us a major player in the ecological waste management and pollution control with the collaborative efforts of various local government units and the industrial sector by RA 9003, RA 8275, RA 8749 & RA 6969.


The company has been strengthened by having its own manufacturing plant with its laboratory facility and employing certified professionals and consultants that provides intensive product research and development.


Our purpose is to widen sales distribution all over the Philippines and internationally by making Plantex products placed in every industrial, food service, manufacturing plant, farming and livestock sectors.

Plantex Products gained many recognition, awards and received the Seal of Approval of Green Choice of Philippines.  This ensures Plantex products meet the international environmental standards, and has proven its excellence and product superiority.


Plantex have been awarded by the Green Choice Philippines the seal of approval called the “Green Seal or the Eco-label”


An “eco-label” is a label which identifies overall environmental preference of a product or service within a particular product/service category based on life-cycle considerations. In contrast to self-styled “green” symbol or claimed statement developed by a manufacturer or service provider, an eco-label is awarded by an impartial third party to products or services which are found to meet established environmental leadership criteria. 

Company Founders

Pioneers in creating organic products from locally produced raw materials


Dinky Hementera


"We envision a much safer environment in which people are happy to use green organic products that advocates and promote sustainability."


Alan Hementera


"We aim to inspire people to make green consumerism a life style"


Anna Hementera


"We are advocating for the protection of our environment by 

distributing quality green products to consumers."

Plantex Advocacy

Pineda Creek

An Adopt-An-Estero Advocacy Program of Plantex Solution Int’l. Corp.

Adopted the Pineda Creek in Pasig City since 2014

A program to complement the Manila Rehabilitation

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