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Specifics : Plantex Green Organic Bath Soap

  • Face and body use

  • Patchouli Scent

  • Antibacterial

  • Antifungal (antimycotic)

  • Plant & Fruit based soap

  • Completely organic

  • Effectively removes body odor

  • Soothes skin problems like athlete’s foot, dandruff, acne, eczema, dry, itchy and scaly patches

Plantex Green Organic Bath Soap

Plantex Organic Green Organic Bath Soap is made proudly Pinoy, it is ideal for bath use by having superior deodorizing and cleaning ability- whilst being fragrant, organic and environmentally friendly! It is fully organic product based on plants and fruits, making it a natural moisturizer. Plantex organic solutions doesn’t just mask the odors and stains created by sweat and bacteria, we deal with them at the source! As a antibacterial soap, it kills pathogenic microorganisms and prevent fungal infections.


Despite being a personal hygiene product, our solutions are environmentally Friendly! We take pride in embodying the modern solution against the environmental repercussions of chemical waste. Our Green Organic Bath Soap utilizes plant extracts that are proven to be safe and beneficial to your health. Plantex solutions are completely organic, made directly from plants to synthesize effective enzymes- making it certifiably non-toxic and very, very safe for your use.

How to use (Recommended) : Plantex Green Organic Bath Soap

Warning: The solution REQUIRES dilution with water to be ACTIVATED & EFFECTIVE

  • Wet skin in the bath

  • Lather and massage over skin

  • Leave soap foam for a few minutes for maximum effectiveness

  • Rinse off with water

  • Use daily for best results

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